Welcome to Crimson FlyFF.

When you are on our Server and includes our forum, we expect that you show a minimum amount of respect and understanding for other community members and the Crimson FlyFF staff. Community members that post on the forums should be able to do so without having to fear hostility or disrespect.

The following set of rules is provided as to further outline our expectations when it comes to your conduct on the forums and servers. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, so it is a good idea to have a look at them from time to time. Please note that these rules should be considered as an addendum to our Terms of Service - they do not replace them.

§1.0 General Behavior

a) Please do not, under any circumstance, insult a member of this community – or provoke them into insulting/attacking someone else.

The forum and server are not the place for personal insults or feuds, and you are expected to take that kind of behavior somewhere else. If you are having trouble with a particular person, please sort out your dispute by using private messages on the forum or in-game.

b) Do not insult or provoke members of the Crimson FlyFF team, including the community itself.

There may be times where you do not agree with the actions of individual team members or Crimson FlyFF as a whole. We understand that. Still, publicly insulting or otherwise attacking members of the Crimson FlyFF team is not the proper way to show your disapproval. Please, discuss the issue at hand with a GM or Admin in private instead.

c) Do not harass another member of this community.

Cyber bullying is a problem these days, and we strive to keep it away from our serivces. Please treat other community members with respect and leave them alone if they wish to be left alone.

d) Do not post any racist or discriminating remarks.

We here at Crimson FlyFF believe that each and every member of this community should be treated as an equal, no matter their nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or ethnicity and we expect the same behavior from you.

e) Please do not, under any circumstance, threaten to bring physical harm to a member of this community - or anyone else. Also, avoid wishing for someone to come to physical harm. (e.g. “I hope you get cancer and die”).

Threats of (physical) violence against someone are taken extremely serious and will have serious consequences if you ever violate this rule. So, in your own interest, don’t even think about doing something like this. Please don’t say that we have not warned you.

f) Discussions involving politics, nationality, religion or ethnics are not allowed and may be moderated and/or closed by forum moderators.

§1.1 Trolling

a) Trolls have no place on our forums. Do not create threads that have the purpose of trolling another member of this community.

A troll is someone that feeds upon the annoyance and anger of other community members. It creates posts for that purpose alone – to cause disharmony and conflict. Any and all responses to a troll will only make them stronger, so it’s best to not respond to them at all. Don’t feed the troll.

b) Do not disrupt events started by the Crimson FlyFF staff.

From time to time the Crimson FlyFF staff will start special forum events, allowing community members to join and win some nice prizes for their efforts. In most cases, a response in a certain thread is required to participate in these events. Please do not spam these threads and only use them as required or allowed by the event rules. Spamming the threads with completely useless contents and random comments will be considered as ‘event disruption’ and be treated accordingly

§2 Cheats & “Hacks”

a) Please do not publicly accuse another member of this community (or a guild) of hacking. Also, please avoid posting screenshots or any other content that might or might not support your claim. Instead, you should use the proper avenue (a ticket) for reporting suspected cheaters in private.

In recent times it has become more and more common that players accuse each other of cheating. Nor is this issue isolated to Crimson FlyFF. Losing a duel alone (or getting killed repeatedly) does not necessarily mean that your enemy is using cheats. Accept that there are players out there that are faster or better skilled than you. However, if you truthfully suspect someone of cheating, please report them to the Crimson FlyFF team – but do not attempt to discuss the issue on the public forums.

b) Avoid any discussions about the use of cheats (“hacks”) or exploits – neither should you promote the use of cheats on the forums.

Cheating and exploiting is a serious offense and we have a zero tolerance policy towards it. For that reason, no debates about this topic are permitted on the forums, at all.

§3 Spamming/Powerposting ("Postfarming"), Thread Necros & 3rd Party Advertisements

a) Please do not spam the forums by creating multiple threads or posts with no or completely irrelevant content (e.g. replying with “lol” to a perfectly valid debate).

We know it’s tempting – that new forum title awaits and it’s just.a.few.more posts to get it. But please, don’t spam threads & posts just to get your next forum title (or just for fun, either). If you have something meaningful to say, feel free to post – but posts that only contain a few letters (“lol”, “rofl”, etc…) or content that is in no way related to the original topic of the thread should be avoided.

b) Please try to post in the proper part of the board

When posting a thread, please ensure that you do so in the proper section of the board. Discussing issues completely unrelated to Crimson FlyFF in the General Discussion is probably not a good idea.

c) Please do not create multiple threads concerning the same topic. Search is your friend.

Please check if a thread concerning the topic you wish to talk about already exists. If one does exist, and it is not older than 60 days, please post in that thread and do not create a new one.

d) Do not revive ancient threads. What is dead should stay dead.

Necromancy, while certainly a very elaborate, entertaining and very dark art, must not be practiced on the forums. If a thread has had no response in 60 days or more, please do not post in it and create a new one instead.

e) Do not post advertisements for any product not sold by Crimson FlyFF.

While we recognize that there are a lot of interesting products out there, especially games, we do not wish to have these advertised on our forums. Any and all threads or posts that do advertise a product that is not affiliated in any way with Crimson FlyFF will be considered as “spam”

§4 Account Trade/-Sharing/-Scamming

a) Each account created by you may only be used by you and you alone. It is in your very own interest to keep your login data to yourself. Do not share it with anyone else.

We take account trade and account sharing very seriously - even if it's just on the forums. Any and all players found to be sharing/trading their account are subject to prompt to no longer get any support related to getting hacked.

b) Please do not ask members of this community for the login data to their account(s)

As indicated in §4a, account data is to be kept private. Any attempt to gain access to another person’s account will have severe consequences. There is no free dP. Anyone asking you for your login data to give you dP or items is trying to scam you. Administrators or Game Masters will NEVER ask for your password!

§5 Administrative Action & You

a) Please do not recreate threads closed by the administration in an attempt to continue the debate that was interrupted by the closure of the previous thread.

From time to time an Administrator, Game Master or Moderator may elect to close a thread for certain reasons. If a thread is closed, a post will be made in that thread, with a short explanation of the reasons for the thread closure. If you created the thread and feel that it should be reopened, contact the person that closed the thread IN PRIVATE and explain why. Do not recreate the thread.

b) Impersonating a member of the Crimson FlyFF staff must be avoided at all cost. Doing that will lead to the closure of your account. c) Please do not attempt to discuss action taken by the administration against your (or someone else’s) account in public. Instead, you should use the proper avenue (a ticket) to appeal the decision.

Losing access to your game account is bad, and may often appear to be unfair. However, we do not take such decisions lightly and will only act if compelling evidence is available. Discussing bans on the forums will only cause unrest or make you a ripe target for a Forum Troll – so don’t do it. Instead, send a ticket to us and we’ll see if anything can be done.

§6 Privacy & Copyright Infringement

a) Do not post information (e.g. postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and the contents of a ticket or other private conversations…) of a private nature on these forums.

We value the privacy of each member of this community. For that reason, and because EU privacy law requires it, it is absolutely forbidden to post private information of any kind on our forums Pictures of other persons are also considered to be “private information”. Do NOT post the picture of another person unless you have their express, written consent.

b) Please do not post content that is infringing upon the copyright of another party. This includes links to websites that promote copyright infringement.

Copyright infringement is a complete “no go” on the forums. Do not post material (music, videos, pictures) if you do not have the proper license to post it. We reserve the right to remove any and all threads or post that infringe upon the copyright of another party. If you think that a thread or post is infringing upon your copyright, please contact us.

§7 Your Forum Profile, Avatar & Signature

a) When creating your forum profile, please put an extra effort into making sure that the contents of your profile does not infringe upon the copyright of others. Also, any offensive or otherwise questionable materials (as determined by the Administration) should not be part of your profile.

b) Your forum avatar may not exceed the dimensions of 200x200 pixels.

c) Your forum signature may not exceed the size of 700x200 pixels.